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    hurricanes irma and maria

    #HarbourSafaris is #OpenForBusiness

    There’s no doubt about it – 2017 has been a busy and anxiety-inducing Hurricane Season.

    For us in and around the Caribbean, Hurricane Irma and Maria wreaked particular havoc.

    Having said that, we in New Providence, and most of the Northern Bahamas Islands have been incredibly lucky throughout this very active hurricane season. In fact, all of the islands within Harbour Safaris operations were largely unaffected and have returned to business as normal, with little interruption.

    Hurricane season officially closes November 2nd, but don’t think you need to wait until then to visit us. We are currently taking bookings and running trips for our Exuma Swimming Pigs Excursions and, our recently launched, Spanish Wells Beach Pigs Excursions.

    Thank you all for your support and concern! We look forward to having you on board one day!

    ~The Harbour Safaris Team


    P.S. If you are looking for a way to donate to the hurricane relief of affected Caribbean countries, we are avid supporters of the work Rotary does. As a well known, world-wide charitable organisation, Rotary probably doesn’t need our vouch of confidence, but for what it’s worth, it’s who we trust our donations with:



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    New Gear makes a Happy Captain

    Nothing gets management in a tizzy more than having an essential piece of equipment go down.

    Luckily, our great Mercury  dealer support at Lightbourne Marine had a great deal on a direct replacement system for our VesselView, which actually upgraded us to Version 1.5 with a colour display!

    We swapped it out at 6am and it worked like a charm – great news for our guests that booked on the Exuma Swimming Pigs excursion that day!

    Later in the week we updated our GPS unit to a Simrad NSS7 EVO 2, complete with up-to-date Bahamas charts.

    We’re dedicated to ensuring your safety and comfort – including regular dealer maintenance, the latest technology, and to up-to-the-minute weather updates (we have our own weather station).  Come experience the true Bahamas with us!

    Captain Daron headed to the Swimming Pigs from Nassau

    Needless to say, Captain Daron and the rest of management are happy!

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    Exuma Blues

    Dodging Liquid Sunshine

    When you want to get away from the winter blues, there’s no better place to rediscover the warmth of blue hues then in the Exuma Cays.

    On our excursion days, we sometimes have to dodge weather, one of the downsides of our tropical winters. Having a high-performance powerboat with the latest technology makes this a breeze.  We also have light foul weather gear, just in case (in addition to our full repertoire of safety gear).

    We invite you to explore the Exumas with us, to swim with the pigs, to feed iguanas, and to experience what the Family Islands are all about.  We’ll make sure your trip is comfortable and enjoyable!

    One of our first mates, Craig, took these amazing photos on a recent trip.  The first shows the dark run to the Big Majors (aka Pig Beach), the latter the opposing weather on the gorgeous Allens Cay.

    I met some of the guests from this dreary day as they were leaving the marina – and although there was intermittent rain they had an amazing day. The sun came out at all of the various spots and allowed them to enjoy what the Bahamas has to offer. I am always in awe as to the effect the Exumas have on our guests, and we at Harbour Safaris can’t wait to share it with the you and the rest of the world.

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