Nothing gets management in a tizzy more than having an essential piece of equipment go down.

Luckily, our great Mercury  dealer support at Lightbourne Marine had a great deal on a direct replacement system for our VesselView, which actually upgraded us to Version 1.5 with a colour display!

We swapped it out at 6am and it worked like a charm – great news for our guests that booked on the Exuma Swimming Pigs excursion that day!

Later in the week we updated our GPS unit to a Simrad NSS7 EVO 2, complete with up-to-date Bahamas charts.

We’re dedicated to ensuring your safety and comfort – including regular dealer maintenance, the latest technology, and to up-to-the-minute weather updates (we have our own weather station).  Come experience the true Bahamas with us!

Captain Daron headed to the Swimming Pigs from Nassau

Needless to say, Captain Daron and the rest of management are happy!