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    Yes of course!  Our business license number is 10001172 and our VAT TIN# is 101293484.  We are fully licensed through the Bahamas Port Department under commercial boat registration numbers NP 6996, NP 7032 and NP 7062.  We are also fully insured through Massy United Inc.  If you or your company would like further proof before coming on board with us, please contact us directly and we’d be happy to provide documentation!

    Yes! Pigs are natural born swimmers.  They swim very similarly to dogs!

    We visit the Swimming Pigs at Big Major’s Cay in the Exuma Cays, near Staniel Cay; and Meek’s Patch, near Spanish Wells, Eleuthera.

    The number of pigs on each ‘Pig Beach’ can vary from 5 or 6 to a dozen or more.  Sometimes the pigs hide from the hot sun in the bushes, and sometimes they are eager to welcome our guests! New litters are born from time to time.

    Whether you are staying in Nassau or on Paradise Island, you can easily get to the Harbour Safaris boat located at Bay Street Marina. Bay Street Marina is on East Bay Street. Adjacent to Green Parrot Restaurant NASSAU.

    Click here for more information on transportation from your hotel, including Atlantis, Sandals, Breezes, British Colonial Hilton, & more!

    Due to time restrictions for cruise ship passengers we are typically not able to accommodate them on our Swimming Pig Excursion. Our Marina is located 15-20 minutes from the cruise ship dock, without traffic, so you do have to factor in travel time. Check-in is 7:30am and departure is 8:00am sharp. We return between 4:30-5:00pm.

    We make no guarantees that we can hold the boat for you in the morning, or that we will return in time for you to board your ship. We take no responsibility for any travel costs incurred if you miss boarding your ship.

    Sorry, but hopefully you can visit Nassau again and come on board with us!

    To travel to Big Major Cay (otherwise known as ‘Pig Beach’) by boat is approximately 2.5 hours, one way. Meaning to travel there, spend an hour, and return would still be a 6 hour trip. This would leave no time for lunch and result in a long day of travel, with very little in the way of breaks.

    We prefer to break our trip up throughout the day so that guests can experience the beauty of Exuma and take advantage of the beautiful stops we make.

    We do not provide any shortened trip to see the Exuma Swimming Pigs. You need at least 8-9 hours for this excursion.

    The Spanish Wells Swimming Pigs can be reached in a half day excursion but this is only offered as a private charter. Please contact us for information.

    There are no bathrooms onboard our RIB vessels. Bay Street Marina has a bathroom and we recommend you use the bathroom before boarding for any tour. Our WorldCat 320DC is equipped with a bathroom on board. If you are concerned about bathroom breaks for your tour, please contact us directly for more information.

    Different tours/destinations have different age limits. Our Rose Island Break is available for ages 6 and up. Our Exuma Swimming Pig Excursion is for ages 10 and up, and our Spanish Wells Pigs Excursion is for ages 8 and up. All children under 15 must wear a life-jacket at all times and all children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

    Yes! All of our boats have been fully inspected and approved by the governing bodies in The Bahamas. In addition, our crew is fully knowledgeable and certified in emergency services and first aid. All of our crew hold Captains Licenses and are STCW certified.

    Our RIBs are high-performance boats that can handle extreme weather; however, we won’t be venturing out in storms or hurricanes any time soon. A little light rain won’t stop us though and if this is the case, please note that there is no cover on the boat so prepare to get a little wet. We constantly assess weather conditions and in the event that we have to cancel a tour we do our best to get you on board for another day. If this is not possible, we will provide a refund. Refunds will only be granted if we cancel the tour due to weather. The Captain has the final call on weather.

    If you are worried about sea sickness then we suggest you eat only a light meal and avoid alcohol before departure to help prevent symptoms. You may also want to consider anti-motion sickness tablets available over the counter from your local pharmacy or chemist.

    We offer adventurous tours at Harbour Safaris! We regret that our trips are not suitable for expectant mothers, infants or persons with back, knee or neck problems, heart problems or conditions affected by high speed travel. We recommend all participants to be physically fit. Participants must be able to understand basic English. If you, or someone in your party, has any impairments (mental, hearing, visual, etc.) or pre-existing conditions that may affect your/their ability to safely partake in any excursion, please contact us directly before booking for information. If you may have difficulty boarding the boat, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate you.

    We speak the Queen’s English as well as fluent Bahamian!

    Due to a strict schedule, and out of respect for other passengers, we are unable to hold the boat any more than 15 minutes for late passengers. No refund will be processed for late passengers.

    Private charters are available depending on your party size. We currently have 3 vessels in our fleet – 2 RIBs, and 1 Luxury Catamran.  There are many destinations we can whisk you off to, including Kamalame Cay, the Berry Islands, Rose Island, Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, Highbourne Cay and the rest of the Exumas! We do not do overnight charters at this time.  Contact us for more information, pricing and availability.

    Location, location, location!

    Spanish Wells is an island off of mainland Eleuthera and one of the newest homes to Swimming Pigs. The Swimming Pigs of Big Major Cay in Exuma, are the original swimming swine that started it all! The Exuma Cays (where Big Major is located) have some of the most beautiful waters you will ever see and is scattered with islands owned by celebrities and millionaires.

    Distance. The journey to and within Spanish Wells is shorter than the journey to and within the Exuma Cays.

    The Spanish Wells trip covers roughly 100 nautical miles round trip; whereas, the Exuma Excursion covers roughly 140 nautical miles round trip.

    The Exuma Excursion includes 4 stops – Allen’s Cay for the Bahamian Rock Iguanas, Big Major Cay for their Swimming Pigs, lunch at Staniel Cay, and a beach or sand bar stop on the return journey to Nassau.

    The Spanish Wells Trip has 1 less stop but still packs a lot of fun in – Meek’s Patch for the Swimming Pigs, Spanish Wells for lunch, and a beach or a sand bar stop on the return journey to Nassau.

    Location and distance. Due to the fact that we have less distance to cover, we burn less fuel and thus can offer a lower price.

    As the day is a bit shorter, and the journeys between stops not as long on the boat, we find this excursion to be a bit more catered towards younger passengers. We still stress safety and caution when taking younger children on any excursion where they encounter wild animals; as well as, ensure that they are ready for a long day in the hot sun!

    In our opinion, they’re both a great choice! We strive to make any experience with Harbour Safaris to be amazing and unforgettable (see our TripAdvisor reviews). The benefit with our different offers is that you can choose which time frame works best for you and which suits your budget best.