Ever since their rise to internet fame, the Swimming Pigs of Big Major Cay in Exuma, Bahamas have been added to the bucket lists of many a wishful traveler.

Most will only ever get as close as to follow them on Instagram or watch their videos on YouTube but, a fortunate few will actually get to meet the swine celebrities in person.

At Harbour Safaris, we help those dedicated, lucky travelers who make it their mission to meet the pigs while visiting The Bahamas.

Just last week we took an enthusiastic bunch who were visiting Nassau from the UK. Departing Nassau in the early morning we made our way down to Staniel Cay for a brief stop to stretch our legs. Next it was on to the main attraction: the Swimming Pigs! Once at ‘Pig Beach’ the group couldn’t wait to meet the nautical pigs. Which is lucky, because they swam right up to the boat for their treats (no visit is ‘free’ after all). Like any good attraction, these 4 legged-guys demand compensation for their photos to be taken – and that reward is found in the form of food; carrots to be exact. Once their bellies were full (for the most part… I mean, can a pig ever really be ‘full’? Especially with all that cardio they do swimming!)… we made our way to North Exuma, finding a deserted beach along the way to stop for lunch. We made the first footprints this beach had seen in days, maybe weeks (maybe even longer!). It was truly pristine and beautiful (and we made sure to leave it as such).

Lastly, we made a stop at Leaf Cay to feed the friendly iguanas. Being late afternoon, these lizards were almost as pooped as we were from the glorious, sunny day! We enjoyed another dip in the blue mosaic waters of Exuma before finally making our way back to the city of Nassau.

And thus, the bucket list for this family is less one 🙂

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