On a beautiful, slightly overcast yet predominantly sunny day in June, we set out to explore a new route for Harbour Safaris.

We departed Nassau at a reasonable hour, and headed East up along Rose Island, passing the Pimlico Islands, and reaching Current Cut.  Current Cut separates North Eleuthera from Current Island – and is aptly named due to the tremendous tidal flow through the narrow passage.

Current Cut, Eleuthera

We crossed through and headed over the crystal clear waters of the Exuma Sound (yes, even this far up in North Eleuthera) and beached just below the world-famous Glass Window Bridge.

Harbour Safaris at the Glass Window Bridge

We headed up the rocky path and down the Queen’s Highway for about a 10 minute hike to the bridge.  The views are outstanding!  It’s more evident why this is called a “glass window bridge” after reading the landmark sign:

This man-made bridge took the place of what was once an impressive rock arch, destroyed by a raging hurricane. The concrete replacement bridge has been battered by turbulent storms, as well. Glass Window is a prime spot for viewing the striking contrast of the deep-blue Atlantic Ocean on one side and the gentle turquiose water of Exuma Sound on the other.

Atlantic Side

Atlantic Side

Exuma Sound Side

Exuma Sound Side









We then headed back through Current and over to Spanish Wells.  This quaint settlement town on a small island off Eleuthera is predominantly a fishing town.  With a lot of rich history and culture, the island is a gem to explore.  We stopped for lunch at the magnificent waterfront restaurant, The Shipyard.  The service and food is excellent (we recommend the conch-bites!).

Spanish Wells Harbour

The Shipyard Restaurant View

We explored the island for a while – the low tides while we were there created magnificent sand banks right off the beaches.

Sand Banks in Eleuthera

We left Spanish Wells in the mid-afternoon for the ride directly back to Nassau.  Overall it was a wonderful day, and we look forward to tweaking this excursion and offering it to our Harbour Safaris guests!

HS President

Panoramic of the Glass Window Bridge, Eleuthera