We have taken many a satisfied customer to see the famous Swimming Pigs on Big Major Cay (Pig Beach) in Exuma. While the pigs always leave our guests in awe, it’s the unexpected bonuses of the trip that leave passengers with something extra to write home about.

Most notably, the incredible beauty of the Exuma Cays. It’s so simple, yet so breathtaking. Stunning, pristine beaches, water that plays with every hue of blue and private islands scattered throughout.

A day spent exploring the cays and, if the tides are right, magically appearing sand banks, can be ideal for the traveler looking to escape the busy city streets of Nassau.

Whether your joining our scheduled Swimming Pigs Excursions, or are looking for a more personal charter experience, our team can ensure that you enjoy Exuma to the fullest. Just be sure to pack your smart phone and camera! Your friends will quickly be jealous of all of your #NoFilter vacation photos of pure perfection.

Exuma Bahamas Private Boat CharterExuma Bahamas Private Boat CharterExuma Bahamas Private Boat Charter

You can inquire about private charters set to customised routes by emailing info@harboursafaris.com.