How far is it to the swimming pigs from Nassau?  It’s approximately 77 nautical miles.  That’s approximately 89 miles or 143 kilometers – by sea.

To put that in terms of Florida distances – that’s like leaving Miami, driving past Fort Lauderdale, passing West Palm Beach, and ending up in Jupiter.

Oh, and that’s each way!  Then drive back in the afternoon.  And instead of doing 60+mph you’re in a boat doing around 37mph.

So when people ask why it costs so much to get down to the swimming pigs from Nassau, the answer is simple – there is a lot of time travelling and logistics involved in such a fantastic day trip!

There are other options available – you can fly into Staniel Cay (or Black Point or Great Exuma) and charter a boat (or go on a group tour) – you’ll spend hours in airports, have to buy your own lunch and drinks, catch a taxi or two, and then do it all again in reverse.  And when all added up, you’ll spend well over $500 per person and only get a couple of hours in the cays.

Instead of the hassle of security in airports, haggling with taxis, and bumpy roads – imagine gliding effortlessly through the Exuma Cays, the wind in your hair, the sun on your face.  You’ll pass some of the most beautiful scenery in the world (don’t believe us? Ask Scott Kelly, a NASA Astronaut!).  You’ll spend your day zipping through the Exuma Cays instead of waiting to get there!

Not only do you get to see the pigs, but also the indigenous rock iguanas, get up and personal with nurse sharks, have lunch at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club (included!), pass private islands of the rich and famous, mingle with other like-minded travelers, wallow in the warm waters and on sandy beaches, and get local knowledge from our 100% Bahamian born and raised crew. What more could you ask for?!?

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exuma swimming pigs