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We maintain a traditional on-board guest book, where we have received the following brief accolades. We also get testimonials via email and submitted online that we love to hear and share!

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Amazing time!

Hailey Toronto 12/11/15 January 22, 2016

Harbour Safaris day excursion to Exuma was fantastic. They were very professional and knowledgeable. We would recommend them to anyone in Nassau who is looking for a great day of adventure.

Fred Private Charter April 14, 2016


Carol Helsinki, Finland January 22, 2016

All of the above 🙂

Emily Minnesota January 22, 2016

Amanda V via TripAdvisor December 7, 2016


Kelly Washington, DC January 22, 2016

H5164WZ Haddonfield via TripAdvisor December 7, 2016

Kameron F Hillsboro, Oregon via TripAdvisor December 7, 2016

We had a great day on Sunday with Daron and Craig.  We were staying in Nassau, so we went with Harbour Safaris who did an amazing job.

Karen Toronto, Canada February 3, 2016

Kim071613 New Jersey via TripAdvisor December 7, 2016

Truly one of the best experiences ! Harbor safaris is an awesome crew and made this excursion one of a kind. I highly recommend this tour company!

Lisa USA May 27, 2016

Emille W via TripAdvisor December 7, 2016

My favourite part of the hour plus tour was definitely cruising at top speeds over the seas as the salty sea splashed! Perfect for the adventure lovers!

SheSoMajor Nassau February 25, 2016

Best day on our vacation, we recommend a lot! Thanks!

Family Rohumosen Austria January 22, 2016

Life is made! Will suggest to everyone!

Sarah Ohio January 22, 2016

Awesome!! Everyone had a really great time. Grouper and captain were very good. Will definitely recommend to others. Best Exuma trip out there in my opinion.

Paco Nassau April 17, 2016

Great job, great day! Keep it up!

Anna New Jersey January 22, 2016

We had a great time the staff was very accommodating! Thanks Captain!

Goodwin Kansas City, Missouri, USA June 26, 2016

Wooo Hooo!

Tim & Nadia Fort Collins, Colorado January 22, 2016

The pigs were cool

Cat & Cami USA January 22, 2016

Good time, great music, nice guides

Mckenna Wisconsin January 22, 2016

If you can get on this trip I recommend it 5* experience and a day you won’t forget.

Duncan United Kingdom April 13, 2016

joyc1988 Peabody, Massachusetts via TripAdvisor December 7, 2016

We had a great time on the adventure and the crew was great, really liked the guys and how they made sure we were having a great time and they were quite knowledgeable about the islands and history’s behind them. That wasn’t our first time into the Exuma’s and they filled us in on info other tours were not able to tell us.

John Wisconsin February 19, 2016

It was a one in a lifetime experience. The powerboat ride to feeding the pigs was amazing.

Camille California May 21, 2016

Best day trip to Staniel, thank you for a beautiful day.

Billie & Bryce Nassau, Bahamas January 22, 2016


Leanne Wisconsin January 22, 2016

Awesome! Thank you!

Susan Toronto 12/11/15 January 22, 2016

It was the most exciting trip ever!

Sylvie USA March 4, 2016

Thanks so much!

Paul Helsinki, Finland 12/11/15 January 22, 2016

Oink Oink Oink – Cool!!

Grant South Africa January 22, 2016


Alison Sydney, Australia January 22, 2016

The beauty of the Exuma islands speak for themselves, but our 1st mate, Craig, made the trip extra special with his positive, vibrant personality and honest love for the Bahamas.

Amanda April 14, 2016

Thank you so much to Daron and Grouper from Alice and I, an awesome day all round!

Neil Birmingham, UK March 7, 2016

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