Harbour Safaris is the newest Corporate Partner to join The Bahamas National Trust (BNT) Rewardship Program. BNT Members will now enjoy an exclusive discount when joining Harbour Safaris’ exciting tours.

The Bahamas National Trust is a nonprofit, national park management of the Bahamas which is responsible for the protection of over 2 million acres of land and sea. Membership is a fundraising mechanism for the BNT, and the rewardship program invites corporate partners to extend discount services to card carrying members.

The Member Rewardship Program provides benefits to BNT members at different establishments throughout The Bahamas. Joining the program was a natural fit, as Harbour Safaris already has a longstanding relationship with the National Trust. Harbour Safaris has provided the BNT with custom charters to Waderwick Wells, the headquarters of the Exuma Land and Sea Park, raffle prizes for their fundraisers, and just last year the crew participated in an informational wildlife class with the BNT. The course was offered as a sign of gratitude from the BNT for abiding to the Trust’s plea that tour operators and visitors do not feed the endangered iguanas in Exuma.

Harbour Safaris is the only tour operator to not feed the iguanas. Using the knowledge gained from the BNT informational session, Head Captain Daron Whyms explains “often other operators or visitors will feed the iguanas grapes, which we learned actually brings up their sugar to a level too high for the species”. Tourists appreciate the respect for the environment that Harbour Safaris exhibits, along with their small group size and local knowledge of the Exuma Cays.

Building on this strong relationship, Harbour Safaris was thrilled to join the Bahamas National Trust Corporate Rewardship Program. Operations Manager, Joanne Robertson said: “We really appreciate and admire all of the hard work the BNT does and we are happy to support them in their continued efforts. It’s an honour to be associated with such a positive organisation.”

Harbour Safaris has a guest satisfaction rating of over 95% and recently won a 2017 Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. For more information on The Bahamas National Trust, please see their website: https://bnt.bs/


Harbour Safaris Boat Tour

Harbour Safaris Operations Manager Joanne Robertson & Bahamas National Trust Membership Officer Raquel Rolle in front of the the Harbour Safaris vessels Huntress (black) and Empress (red) at Bay Street Marina.