Our company President, Lee, and his wife Chrystonia recently opened another small business – an escape room!  Aptly named Blackbeard’s Escape, it is conveniently located downtown at the Pirates of Nassau Museum.

The game is set in the days of yore, when piracy took over the waters of the Bahamas. 

The year is 1718, and Captain Woodes Rogers of the British Army has declared war on piracy.  Blackbeard has taken refuge in his hideout, and has summoned you to help him escape!  You’ll have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles, decode riddles, and find the clues before the British soldiers arrive and take you off to the gallows!

The entire game, from introduction to debriefing, takes no more than an hour and half (less if you get out early!).  This makes it a must-do if you’re only in town for the day on a cruise!  It’s also great for locals! While there you can also explore the Pirates of Nassau Museum and have lunch (or a well-deserved cold beer) at Smugglers.  

We took a few friends, two of which were from Germany, and tried it for ourselves.  As a first-timer, it was an amazing experience and we look forward to them opening up another room!  Let us know if you manage to escape the grasp of the British!

Visit their website to book or call 242-813-3222 for more information!